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Newsletters posted on Sept 12, 2013

CA 312 - Business Class Airpass

Vancouver to Beijing $3088 for 2 RT net fare | $2988 for 3 RT net fare | $2888 for 4 RT net fare


Vancouver to Beijing $398 + taxes | Vancouver to HK $458 + taxes | Vancouver to Manila $558 + taxes | Vancouver to DEL $598 + taxes | Vancouver to Bangkok $508 + taxes |

Edmonton / Camglary add on $100 | Winnipeg / Saskatoon add on $200 | Ottawa / Montreal add on $400

Air China now operating Daily Flights between San Francisco and Chongqing

On August 9, 2013, Air China started operating San Francisco - Chongqing. Air China is the first airline to provide scheduled air service between western China and North America. Exchanges between western China and the western United States will be more convenient, and travel between the regions will be smoother and more comfortable.

The daily flight departing from San Francisco will stop in Beijing and then continue to Chongqing using the same plane. The outbound flight CA986 departs from San Francisco at 14:50 (local time) and arrives in Chongqing at 23:00 (Beijing time) the next day. The inbound flight CA985 departs from Chongqing at 11:00 (Beijing time) and arrives in San Francisco 12:20 (local time) the same day.

Air China's San Francisco - Chongqing route will be flown by the wide-body, double-decker Boeing 747 aircraft. Currently used as the special aircraft type preferred by Chinese state leaders, the Boeing 747 features both safety and comfort, and is well designed for long-haul transoceanic flight. This aircraft will bring passengers comfort and extra space on board.

Air China's Boeing 747 aircraft have a total of 337 seats; 10 for First Class, 39 for Business Class and 288 for Economy Class. In order to give customers a better and more comfortable flying experience, Air China has invested heavily to remodel the cabin interior in First Class and Business Class to create a brand new Air China Forbidden Pavilion First Class and Capital Pavilion Business Class. First Class now offers semi-enclosed private seats that can recline a full 180 degrees. Business Class offers seats that recline up to 170 degrees, and Economy Class seats can recline nearly 20 degrees more than similar seats on other planes to bring our passengers greater comfort. This aircraft type is equipped with AVOD personal entertainment system throughout the First Class and Business Class cabin so each passenger can enjoy movies, games and music en-route, which relieves boredom and reduces fatigue during long flights.

The aircraft features Air China's new interior designs. The Chinese elements of auspicious clouds can be seen everywhere in the cabin, further highlighting the Chinese style and bringing passengers serenity in flight.

Chongqing History

With a recorded history stretching back more than 3,000 years, Chongqing boasts a rich cultural heritage, being the cradle of Bayu (Sichuan area) culture. In 316 B.C., what is now Chongqing was overrun by State of Qin. The Qin Emperor ordered the construction of a new city, which was called Jiang and Chu Prefecture. Chongqing was renamed in both the Sui and Song dynasties, finally assuming its current name in 1189. Chongqing was once the capital of two short-lived dynasties: the Daliang Kingdom and the Daxia Kingdom. In 1891, Chongqing transformed into the first inland port open to foreign commerce. With the approval of the central government, Chongqing became the forth municipality of China and was the catalyst for the revival of Western China in 1996.


In appreciation for your continued effort in developing new markets with Air China,we are pleased to offer you a net fare product to SGN for sale immediately.

This fare contract is designed to promote the Air China brand and develop growth in the local SGN market, in addition to generating more sales to help you achieve your incentive target.

Vancouver to Ho Chi Minh City $538 + taxes/

China Southern has signed codeshare agreement with WestJet (WS) in nine Canadian domestic routes

China Southern has signed codeshare agreement with WestJet (WS) in nine
Canadian domestic routes. As follows is the flight connection information
between Guangzhou andnine Canadian cities via Vancouver, namely Toronto,
Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Prince George, Kelowna,


Newsletters posted on Aug 23, 2013

Fuel surcharge update Korea - September 2013

Effective for ticketing: 01 September 2013

* Origin Korea to Canada 154 USD OW (from 144 USD OW) - increase
* Origin Korea to USA 154 USD OW (from 144 USD OW) - increase
* Origin Canada to Korea 160 CAD OW (from 160 CAD OW) - no change
* Origin USA to Korea 160 USD OW (from 160 USD OW) - no change

Cathay Pacific Airlines - CX Notice of Intent to Revise Fuel Surcharge eff. 01Sep13


Cathay Pacific Airways has filed with the Canadian Government for a revision to our fuel surcharge. If approved, this revision will affect all tickets issue/reissue (due to voluntary change of the first flight segment) on/after 01 September 2013 and for travel on/after 01 September 2013. The revised surcharge is to be levied on all CX/KA flight sectors coupons as follows:


Q From Cad116.70 to Cad121.90 between Hong Kong and North America, South West Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asian Sub Continent including same day transit (24 hours) in BKK/SIN if applicable.


Q From Cad27.10 to Cad29.50 for CX / KA sectors not mentioned above.

Q The fuel surcharge applies per passenger per CX flight coupon. All passengers including children, infants and other discounted tickets are subject to the fuel surcharge except on code-share and joint venture flight operated by partner carriers.

Q The fuel surcharge applies to all fare types including Frequent Flyer Redemption.

Q The fuel surcharge will be collected at point of sale or ticket issue/reissue and be shown as "YR" in the Tax/Fees/Charges box of ticket.

This fuel surcharge is subject to Canadian Government approval and, to date, this has not been granted. Once this revision has received Government approval, your CRS will be immediately updated.

Please be advised that Air Canada has implemented the following:

Revised the last ticketing date of KLCNV sale fares (23Aug-10Dec13) from Western Canada to Shanghai to 27Aug13.

Revised the last ticketing date of ALCNV sale fares (28Aug-10Dec13) from Western Canada to Shanghai to 27Aug13.

Please review all the details in your respective GDS for sale in accordance with the applicable Asia net fare contracts.

China Southern Airlines Newsletter

In the Winter/Spring Season 2013 - 2014, China Southern operates 96 flights weekly between Guangzhou and Australia, to/from 5 major cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland. Firstly, Guangzhou - Sydney will be the second long-haul routes operated by China Southern???s superjumbo A380. Secondly, Guangzhou - Melbourne is to increase flight frequency to twice-daily and will be operated by the brand new 33A aircrafts. In addition, B787 aircrafts will fly Guangzhou - Auckland, which will be increased to ten times weekly since 4th Dec. Last but not least, Guangzhou - Brisbane flights will become daily from 21 November 2013.

Air Canada Pricing Alert

Please be advised that Air Canada has introduced K7LCNVF sale fares from YTO/YMQ/YOW/YVR/YYC to Guangzhou (via Tokyo) with levels starting from $520 (YVR-CAN). Season: 28Aug-11Dec13/25Dec-30Mar14 - Last ticketing date 26Oct13.

Please review all the details in your respective GDS for sale in accordance with the applicable Asia net fare contracts.

Cathay Pacific Canada is pleased to announce the following Economy and Premium Economy class seat sale with immediate effect:

Q From YVR, YYJ, YLW, YKA, YYC, YEG , YWG, YYZ, YUL, YOW to *Asia/China. Fare basis V/L/MFALL6M for Economy Class and EFALL1Y for Premium Economy Class. Effective for departures 01 September 2013 through 10 December 2013 and 01 January 2014 through 31 March 2014. Valid for sales until 01 September 2013.


Please note for Economy class reservation for all sectors and ticketing are required at least 7 days before departures.Please refer to your GDS for omplete fare rules.

Air Canada Pricing Alert

Please be advised that Air Canada has extended the last ticketing date of K3L*CNN sale fares (19Aug-13Dec13/25Dec-31Mar14) from Canada to China to 27Aug13.

Please review all the details in your respective GDS for sale in accordance with the applicable Asia net fare contracts.

Please be advised that Air Canada has implemented the following:

Introduced OCG premium economy class sale fares from Canada to Hong Kong. Season: 16Nov-10Dec13/01Jan-31Mar14 - Last ticketing date 01Sep13.

Introduced Z7*CSTV business class sale fares from Canada to Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Season: 23Aug-31Dec13 - Last ticketing date 01Sep13.

Please review all the details in your respective GDS for sale in accordance with the applicable Asia net fare contracts.

Please be advised that Air Canada has introduced K7L*QVF sale fares from Montreal & Quebec City to Hong Kong. Season: 22Aug-30Nov13/01Feb-31Mar14 - Last ticketing date 25Aug13.

Please review all the details in your respective GDS for sale in accordance with the applicable Asia net fare contracts.

CZ promotional ticket to China

Promotional fare flying with CZ BUSINESS CLASS from Canada to China (except YVR - CAN):

- 10% commission

- Ticketing date from now until 31 Aug 2013

- Booking class D/J/W travelling on or before 26 Oct 2013

- Booking class C/D/W travelling between 27 Oct -31 Dec 2013


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